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  1. jenny
    October 27, 2010

    I love the idea of laying trails Lily. Our main bushwalk is also a horse trail, and it has markings on the trees every 100m. It doesn’t take long each year for these to become significant to the kids – and it is not long before we can get them to run ahead and wait at the next marking.

    Next comes the natural landmarks – and although these change with the children, there are some that are handed down year after year (boat rock, surfboard rock).

    Last week my oldest son (who goes to the school attached to preschool) and his mate took a group of kids from other local schools on a bushwalk, and spent an afternoon beforehand marking out special places with arrows from sticks, and crosses from sticks much in the way you have shown. I’d love to do this with the preschoolers – feathers is a lovely idea.

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