Health and Safety Executive, how I do love thee

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Children playing conkers in spacesuits

Children can’t play conkers because it’s too dangerous, right?

In a recent discussion about whether children should be allowed to use egg boxes in their play I was reminded of how completely fabulous the HSE myth of the month posters are.

The truth about egg boxes is here:

There are quite a few others of these posters that I particularly like:

This time of year the conkers are ripening, kids must wear goggles to play with them, right?

If a child did hurt themselves I could’t put a plaster on it:

…and I would be sued:

…and all playgrounds should have every element of risk removed:

…because children need to be wrapped in cotton wool:

This poster ends with the statement: “Risk itself won’t damage children, but ill-managed and overprotective actions could!”

Health and Safety Exec, how I do love thee!

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