The next best time is now

in Forest School

I’m working with a group of Forest School trainees who are reaching the end of their qualification process. They are sharing their reflective diaries with me which is such a wonderful insight to the learning and thought process.

Messaging Corinne about things I read in her diary she sent back another reflection;

“…the big, hulking Y6 boy who I’d been warned about ‘cos he was so disaffected and switched off and confrontational, nearly knocked me over in a big hug and said,
“Thank you thank you thank you for letting us do Forest School. I just LOVE it!!” This is a really big thing we’re giving these children isn’t it? Wish I’d been doing it 34 years ago when I first started teaching…”

There is something really powerful in that. It’s not the first time I have heard similar things expressed by participants on my Forest School Leader training programmes and it got me to thinking. What is it about the ‘right now’ that is so important? In an ideal world we would know everything we needed to know from the very first time we needed to know any of it but then when would we learn and how would we grow?

I wish I knew then what I do now, but I’m also looking forward to what I will learn today.


The second best time is now.

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