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Fairy Houses 1

I followed a map to a special place in the woods and there I found all the fairy houses.

If you were given a map like this one, you would have to check it out, wouldn’t you? I was given this map yesterday and followed it to a special place in the woods:
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And there, in the woods, I found all the fairie’s houses. Generations of them, some with little notes pinned to them, some in trees, apparently people come for miles to build houses here;

Fairy Houses 2Fairy Houses 3Fairy Houses 4

We had been making houses of our own, for things with eyes:

Fairy Houses 5Fairy Houses 6Fairy Houses 7Fairy Houses 8

Sometimes we make houses for fairies and boggarts;

Fairy Houses 9
Fairy Houses 10

The lovely andromedababe encourages people to make houses for Derek the Gnome

Do post to let us know who you make houses for…

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