Mindful communication: compassionate approaches for dealing with ‘challenging’ behaviour from children

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mindful communication

An invitation to a two and a half day training retreat in the wild woods of the Lake District.

This course has now past. If you are interested in something similar please email mail@kindlingplayandtraining.co.uk.

Working with an inspiring trainer, Jayaraja, together we will explore the core principles of mindful communication.

We will look at the kinds of behaviour we find challenging in the children we teach, support or parent. We will seek to understand the causes of this behaviour – to see what children are deeply needing when they behave in ways we experience as ‘difficult’.

We will look at our own patterned responses to this behaviour and look at creative strategies we could use instead.

Challenging Behaviour from Children Course March 2015

Find out more about this course, click the image for more details

Crucially we will learn how to embody the principles of mindful communication in how we relate to ourselves and each other and the children in our care.

Responding not from ‘right and wrong’ thinking or rewards and punishment, but from an empathic place that values connection and honesty, leading to a more nourishing and creative engagement with the problems and difficulties we face as parents, teachers, partners and friends.

Come on the workshop if you:

  • Work with or bring up children
  • Struggle with children saying ‘No!’, hurting each other, getting angry, being ‘rude’, resisting what you ask of them, opting out, acting up … generally being ‘difficult!’
  • Yearn for more cooperative, joyful, generous and caring behaviour between you and the children you care for.

Come on the workshop if you want:

Mindful Communication course March 2015

Find out more about this course, click the image for more details

  • Skills to deal with challenging behaviour creatively rather than reactively
  • Tools to manage your own state of mind
  • Insight into how developing minds work
  • Inspiration and new approaches to your work with children

Come on the workshop if you love:

  • Having the chance to reflect on your own ways of working
  • Playing in the woods
  • Having a chance to grow and change

When: Sunday 29th of March 6:30pm – Wednesday 1st April 1:30pm 2015
Where: Rookhow Centre in the Lake District woods —inside & outside!
Cost: £100 for accommodation and food plus a ‘gift’ amount for the training
Trainer: Jayaraja
Organisers: May Molteno of Wood School with support from Lily Horseman of Kindling Play & Training

Email: may@learninginthewoods.org.uk to book

Download Mindful Communication Course information here

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